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Thynka Little specializes in the creation of educational experiences in the Second Life virtual world, with particular focus on land grant universities and the Cooperative Extension System. With a background as an extension educator, and formal education in Teaching with Technology, Thynka is uniquely attuned to the needs of these institutions. Thynka is ready to serve all of your immersive learning needs, from new user orientation to the development of an entire learning landscape.

  • New user orientation, for individuals or groups
  • Avatar styling
  • Presentations about immersive learning and virtual worlds, live or from Second Life
  • Themed tours of Second Life
  • Meetings for up to 200 avatars
  • Mixed reality events
  • Instructional design
  • Proof of concept and rapid prototyping
  • Informational kiosks
  • Building and scripting of immersive learning environments in Second Life
  • Replica builds
  • Graphic design and texture creation
  • Machinima