eXtension in SL resources:

This is a collection of things I have found interesting or useful. If you would like your link added here, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Facebook group "Cooperative Extension Second Life." Please join if you are on Facebook. News and events are posted there.

eXtension SL wiki then choose "Cooperative Extension Second Life Educators". Events calendar is here along with progress notes, meeting minutes, how-to topics, and the wonderful Global Kids Second Life Curriculum

These folks are eXtension in SL mentors, please feel free to IM them in SL if you need help
★Brianna Beresford
★DFox Spitteler
★Thadicus Caligari

Here are some Youtube videos of eXtension in SL. They are useful if you want to show SL to someone without logging in. eXtension - Virtual State Fair eXtension - Live-ability House extension - Turfgrass Virtual Health Inspector game Be an Ant Detective game ACE/NETC Mixed Reality Mixer

Other valuable resources:
Second Life newly updated and very helpful website
You need the latest version of Quicktime to view media in Second Life
Second Life system requirements
SL Educators email list
SL Video tutorials
Simteach wiki
Bibliography of Second Life Education
Virtual Reality and Education: Information Sources; A Bibliography
About Teen Second Life
Pew Internet on Teens and Games
Global Kids online leadership program
Metaverse Journal
Suffern Middle School In Second Life

Interesting places to go in SL:
(note: to use a slurl link, log into Second Life, then click on them here in this document or cut and paste the slurl into your web browser.)

eXtension sites
Cooperative Extension Home Base
Virtual County Extension Office
eXtension on Eduisland

Second Life skills
Virtual Ability Island tutorial
The Particle Lab
Campus Second Life
The Ivory Tower of Primitives
New Citizens Incorporated

Second Life Libraries
Info Island
Alliance Virtual Library
Caledon Library
State Library of Kansas
Library of Illumination

Second Life educational exhibits
Genome Island
Second Nature
Heart Murmur Sim
Social Simulation Research Lab
International Spaceflight Museum 137/128/451
Nanotechnology Island

City replicas and other real world locations
Virtual Morocco
Sistine Chapel
Art Centers, Museums and Live Music areas
Land of Lincoln
Muse Isle

Weekly Programs
Science Friday
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